Sales Management with Automotive CRM At Different Levels


A dealership business at all levels ranging from owners to general managers to the sales manager need to organize tasks and monitor progress. Majority of potential sales leads contact dealerships several times prior they visit the showroom in person. Therefore, it is essential to monitor, analyze, and organize the marketing efforts.

CRM software features are beneficial. They efficiently allow to streamline work, sales process workflow, email templates, customer follow-up, lead management, and reporting. Dealerships can improve their sales performance using CRM software.

Automotive CRM allows sales management efficiently at three levels right from ground floor sales representative to executives.

Ground or First level – Salesmen for connections

Daily task management and follow up with consumers can be crushing and laborious. Dealership CRM helps to organize workflows and offers each sales rep a resource for managing sales efficiently right from initial sales call to follow up in future. CRM offers tools and reminders to get the task done.

  • Action plans tailored to suit your dealership workflows. Daily tasks and reminders system for each point in sales process.
  • Text messaging through mobile phones or desktop. Communication with staff and consumers is more organized and easier.
  • Mobile app with exclusive functionalities including VIN and license scanning, up sheets, and lead management tools.

Air or Second level – Sales manager for task allocation

Sales rep make connections with existing and prospective customers, while managers are empowered to peek at their teams’ daily action. CRM software gives manager the capability to streamline lead allocation and monitor the performance. In this way, less time gets spent chasing individual sales rep making their daily management tasks more efficient.

  • Managers can allocate leads manually or configure the software to allocate tasks automatically or allow sales staff to claim.
  • Mangers can monitor the activities and follow up schedules. They can be familiar of the sales rep who finish their work efficiently and on time.
  • Email campaigns can be configured and executed very easily. Promotions and updates can be delivered through targeted messages to consumers.

Control or Third level – General Managers & owners can assess the results

Real-time view of the sales staff and overall sales performance is easy with CRM. GM gets an idea of valuable lead sources, productive location, and which strategies to focus on. Filter the sales report to display specific results to determine errors which need fixing. Reports in individual sales rep offers clear picture of who stays on top of daily tasks, workflow, and sales goals.

Choose a CRM software that allows tailored adjustments and integration with important workflow at every possible level.