Important Things to know about Mercedes G Class


Have you been planning to buy an SUV in the recent past? How about garaging a Mercedes this time? If you have already raised your eyebrow with the big question mark on your face, then let us clarify you that SUVs are pretty expensive vehicles and buying it from one of the finest car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz is always a plus. The German car manufacturers had introduced the Mercedes G Class years back for the Shah of Iran who was then one of the shareholders of the company. Later on, the militaries used the vehicle much before Mercedes launched it in the market for the civilians. In the US, the G Class SUVs were introduced since 2002.

Here, let’s check out some of the key features of the Mercedes G Class before visiting a dealer—

Prestigious vehicle ensuring powerful performance

You must agree with the fact that driving a Mercedes SUV is a prestigious affair. Moreover, the sleek style and the powerful performance of the unibody SUV with a truck’s frame will give you chills while driving.

Expensive but worth it- Opt for leasing or CPO models

The SUVs range from $140,000 to $220,000. Considering the last rate charts of 2017- the company has sold the G550 at a starting range of $140,000 while the upper range AMG G65 was around $220,000. The AMG G63 was ranging somewhere within $141,000 and more on the additions and alterations.

If you’re worried about the money-stuff, you better not worry because the authorized dealers offer various financing options that can you can choose considering your preferences. You can also get the car on lease and later on take the possession by performing a few formalities.

The authorized Mercedes dealers sell a wide array of CPO cars of diverse models. You can buy a Mercedes G Class SUV from them if they are ready to offer you a Certificate of Pre-Owned vehicle. You can have the car with minimum 1 year of warranty and you can also have it on the mileage.

The car is easy to maintain

You can either go for service A containing 6 points or B that contains eight points. Drive in your car on either the first anniversary or after reaching 10,000 miles again after two years or after reaching 20,000 miles- drive in to change the oils. There is no need to change oils frequently.

Go for a Mercedes SUV this time!